Scribblenauts free – The Perfect Game

Are you looking for a good new game to try out, but are tired of shooters and strategy games? Why not try something really different which combines the need of adventure and your personal development by putting your brain to work? If you are looking for something similar, to both help you release some tension while channeling your intelligence and appealing to your brain, then there’s no other games like Scribblenauts free.

How to play scribblenauts game

Scribblenauts is not your ordinary game as it consists of two very different parts – a puzzle part and an action video game all brought together under 220 different levels. This game holds for a great combination between Mad Libs and a way of solving puzzles inspired by real life situations using your imagination and intuition, as well as a large vocabulary.

Originally designed for Nintendo users, Scribblenauts is a side scrolling game exclusively controlled with the help of the DS stylus and the D-pad. This single-user game helps you control the main character, Maxwell and lead him through numerous life-similar situations in order to collect as many objects as possible, named Starites in order to finish each level.

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Scribblenauts unlimited free play

So What is different about scribblenauts unlimited free play? Like no other game ever before, your character, Maxwell, has the ability to summon multiple objects and their uses inside the game. The idea behind this is to your head and imagination to come up with the easiest ways to solve puzzles inspired by real-life situations easily. Think fast and use the best methods and the easiest available objects and their properties. You then have to use the summoned objects not only to save the situation, but also reach as many Starites as possible. So what kind of objects are you allowed summoning? Literally anything that comes across your mind – from animals and weapons to famous people, objects, forces of nature and household objects, as well as Internet memes – anything that you can think of in order to help your cause and allow you to save the mysteries and finish the level.

And for those of you, who think of certain “unorthodox” words, find out that you may not summon a bad vocabulary – you will be directed towards the closest non-offensive meaning words. For instance, if you search for “cock” all you will get help from will be a rooster, while a “pussy” well, it resumes to a cute kitty.

But the developers of this game truly had things thought through in the slightest details. Scribblenauts free also represents a great and interactive opportunity to increase your vocabulary limit, learn new words and work on your spelling as well. The integrated algorithm of the game includes a spell-checker to the nearest available word if you are not sure on how to spell a word, and also makes a cool difference between different types of spoken English and their additional vocabulary. The most notorious difference is between the American English and the UK English, each with a unique set of words that may have a completely different meaning or entirely different spellings. Players who got to test all these unique features stumbled across no less than 23,000 entirely different words and meanings but the producers and developers of the game claimed we are looking at a much wider vocabulary.

As previously mentioned, the game comes with 220 different levels divided into 10 different themes. Each theme has a number of ranked stars showing its difficulty, from four stars – the most difficult levels to the ones labeled with only one start. The game is segmented into two different parts, each with its own unique features. The puzzle part feature real-life situations that must be solved by using only a limited number of summoned objects (usually between 2 and 4), while the action levels are entitled to those who prefer this kind of game approach.

History of scribblenauts free

Scribblenauts was first launched on September 15 2009 in North America, followed by a series of premiers in other continents by October 2009. This is one of the most challenging puzzle and action video game you will encounter on the market and was published under the license of Warner Bros. Due to the game’s success, Scribblenauts free received a series of sequels throughout the years. The first one is called Super Scribblenauts and was launched in 2010. This game’s major advantage is the enlarged vocabulary and a new feature that includes adjectives in order to modify the nouns describing objects or animals which can change behavior and help you finish the levels faster.

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Another sequel called scribblenauts remix online, the first one specifically designed for iOs users was released in 2010. This changes the product’s previous versions created for use of Nintendo and transports them into the era of smart devices, specifically those designed by Apple.

The Scribblenauts Remix includes 10 different levels apart from the ones of previous models and incorporates the cloud storage feature into the game for objects that you have previously used. Two years later, in 2013, Scribblenauts Remix also received an Android version as a reaction to the more and more digital devices embedded with Android technology

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The fourth game in the series, Scribblenauts Unlimited was released in 2012 and benefitted from a great success. Amongst the game’s new features were included an even more extended vocabulary. The Android-based version for this game was released three years later, in 2015.

For those who also wanted the help of comic characters from the DC Comics, Scribblenauts announced the release of the fifth game of the saga, with the help of more than 2000 characters from beloved comic books. This one was launched in 2013.

Last but not least, the Scribblenauts: Fighting Words representing the sixth game was announced in production, but it was cancelled a year ago, in 2016, after several firings inside the company.


All in all, the Scribblenauts free version is a challenging game which may or may not relax you but will certainly have a constructive impact upon your vocabulary and train your brain to think of the easiest solutions to solve problems we all encounter in the real life.

So don’t wait and check out scribblenauts unlimited game right away.