Scribblenauts For Free – The Best Puzzle-Based Game

Download scribblenauts for free game is the ultimate alternative to all hard-core puzzle-lovers. It features a completely original gameplay with extraordinary possibilities, all of them designed to make gaming exceptional. The original game was developed for Nintendo DS and was released back in 2009. In 2012 it was developed for iOS devices and in 2013 for Android smartphones. Nevertheless, the essence of the game stayed the same. You can get scribblenauts free play right now if you are in the mood for solving some of the hardest puzzles ever. We will have to add that scribblenauts game is a word-based puzzle game.

Guide For Playing Scribblenauts For Free

The essence of the game is to help Maxwell, the main hero, complete a series of puzzles. There are 220 levels, known as constellations. Each one has about 10 puzzles that need to be solved. You should be aware of advanced challenges. After you have completed a level, a crown puzzle may appear. When this happens, you will have to complete 3 puzzles without quitting the game!
One of the main reasons, why this game is so addictive is the absence of a time limit. In simple terms, you can play each puzzle as long as you want. Don’t think this is an easy task, due to the difficulty of some levels. They will need a complete attention and plenty of time to be solved. The Scribblenauts free is commonly preferred by players with a high logic intelligence.

Download the best puzzle-bases game scribblenauts for free


The gaming interface is something that makes Scribblenauts free game superb. Each gamer will have to write (using a stylus or a touchscreen) words that can be used by Maxwell to complete a puzzle. Because there are a high number of puzzles this aspect cannot be generalized! Beginners usually believe that there are around 220.000 terms/words available to use in the game. However, we discovered that there are more than 300.000 different words. This means that you can create and use 300.000 different items to solve the mystery of each puzzle while playing Scribblenauts free.
Adjectives have an important role as well. They can be used to modify the noun or better said, the item you have created. For instance, you can increase it, make it elevate, change color and etc. This is just one of the reasons why playing Scribblenauts for free is intuitive. It definitely sounds impressive, but it is also something that makes the entire game more complicated, due to increased number of possibilities.
Scribblenauts free has in-game currency. It is called Ollars and it is gained as a reward for completing a puzzle or a level. When you collect it enough, you will be able to change the avatar, buy various items, change visual appearance and also buy new areas. Almost all gamers prefer this feature because it allows for them to have more control of the game and to adapt each gameplay to their own demands. Still, developers haven’t focused a huge part of the game on the Ollars, in order to make the game more puzzle-solving oriented. This is probably the main reason why the game is the ultimate choice for puzzle-solvers.
A game editor may be an interesting feature to some players. All Scribblenauts free versions for Nintendo come with it, so there are no version-based restrictions. In an editor, a player can add new objects, therefore modifying the entire level. Then, it can be shared with other players. As you may believe, this feature is developed in order to allow to players prolong the gaming and make the entire game more appealing. Scribblenauts free is certainly far more than an ordinary and simple game from puzzle category.

Frequently needed items for scribblenauts free play

By now you should know that in order to complete a level, you must complete all the puzzles in it. The next thing to know is that you can use nouns in order to create useful objects. Those items, if you prefer, have a specific purpose and they can be customized. Scribblenauts free commonly requires usage of following items:
• Kite- This item will allow players to elevate the primary items while playing super scribblenauts online free. It can be used countless times.
• Balloon- Has the same purpose as the kite, but it offers slightly higher elevation. It can be used multiple times as well.
• Storm- Creates rain in order to wet an item.
• TNT- Useful for blowing something. Dynamite noun can be used as well.
• Wings- Allow to Maxwell to fly. Equivalent nouns are: jetpack and rocket pack.
• Air Vent- Giving the possibility to blow any item in 4 directions.
• Uniform- Useful for special occasions.
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Adjectives you can use in scribblenauts free

Playing scribblenauts game requires usage of adjectives. They can modify an item. Some of the most common ones are:
Immobile- Prevent item from being moved.
Large- Increase size. Giant, huge are other possibilities.
Small- Decrease the size. Little, microscopic can be used as well.
Flying- Levitate.
Speedy- Speeds up the movement.

Language differences

Scribblenauts free puzzle game is available in English, Spanish and French language. You can play all versions of Scribblenauts for free. However, there are also versions optimized for a specific country, so they feature North American, Brazilian Portuguese or English (UK) languages. The main point here is to remember that these variations affect the items. For example, football has a different meaning in English (US) and English (UK). Scribblenauts free requires from players to be proficient in the used language.

The final thought

Playing the Scribblenauts for free is the desire of us many, thanks to intuitive gameplay and feature-rich levels. It is truly the game to consider and to play. Almost all players who tried the Scribblenauts free game, still play it! It is addictive and it is known for keeping the attention of gamers for a long period of time. Those players who are obsessed with completing the action will probably spend hours or even days playing. The game has been rated for stress reduction and cognitive skills improvement in several studies, conducted in Japan and the United Kingdom.
So what are you waiting for, download scribblenauts free right away.