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If you are tired of ordinary games which give you no satisfaction and feel like you need to bring back some of that gray matter back, you should definitely try Scribblenauts for free. This is a game like you have never experienced before and it will certainly make you addicted in no time. First launched in 2009 for Nintendo and under the license of reputed Warner Bros, the Scribblenauts game now counts for five different games in the saga, with the sixth one announced but later dropped in 2016. Although there may not be any more new games in the line, the already existing ones will certainly boost your imagination and put your brain at work. Below you will find a list of the games existing in the Scribblenauts saga as well as a little bit of history and how to play this amazing game.

How to you Download Scribblenauts For Free?

Assuming you are now going to download Scribblenauts game and you want to play it, here is everything you need to know. First of all, find out that ever since 2012 there is a version suitable for all iOS devices (yes, including your iPhone, for free), as well as since 2013 a version for Android devices also. This means you can download this game for free from the app zone and enjoy 220 levels of pure adrenaline and mind riddles everywhere you want, even on the subway, on the way to school or anywhere else during the holidays. But what is it so special about Download Scribblenauts For Free?

As previously mentioned, this game is nothing like any other you have experienced before because it combines actions levels with puzzle-like levels. In the action levels you have to help the main character, Maxwell, to gather as many “Starites” as possible in order to pass the level. The puzzle-like levels help put your brain into function by forcing you to solve real-life situations disguised in puzzles. At the end of each puzzle solved you will receive one Starite to be able to go to the next level. But what is really fascinating about this game is the possibility to summon objects of your preference to guide through the puzzle solving process. A little bit intrigued? Well, this is the feature that truly makes Scribblenauts game like no other you have played before.

Download Scribblenauts For Free


Your character, Maxwell, can summon myriad objects into the game just by tapping the screen and writing down the name of the object you want to summon to come to the rescue. Each level allows you to summon mainly between two and four different objects to help you solve the puzzle and continue to the next level. However, the coolest part is that you can summon pretty much everything you can think of – from personal objects to weapons, animals, famous people (including real and virtual characters), Internet memes, forces of nature as well as the developers of the game. You achieve this by writing the name of the object you want to summon on the touch screen.

Now here comes the truly interesting and amazing part: since we all speak different languages and have certain slangs or words suitable for only one region of the world. Download Scribblenauts For Free comes with numerous adds according to the region you play the game. For instance, the available vocabulary for players in the UK is slightly different from the vocabulary used by players in the US, meaning the UK players will also have access to certain regional words. Apart from differences in the writing dimension, some words have a totally different meaning in the UK English by comparison to the US English. For instance, if you want to summon the sport “football”, you may end up with different in the UK and the US, as in the UK, the term “football” is used for the US equivalent “soccer”.

There are also many vocabulary differences to other languages as well, depending on the area spoken. This is why Scribblenauts for free allows you to choose the language of use and adapt to the regional requirements, no matter if you are in the French part of Canada, in Brazil speaking Brazilian Portuguese or in any other region.

Download Scribblenauts For Free

Another great feature of the game is the homonym system that allows you to choose between different objects written in the same matter. The spell-checker feature will also help you improve your spelling and writing in different languages and might even teaches you some new words to expand your vocabulary. However, don’t be fooled by the variety of words available at your disposal. Although some players counted over 300,000 different words, you won’t be able to use any vulgar words to summon objects of your please. For instance, if you will search for the word “cock” all you will end up with is a rooster and that might not be very helpful. The bottom line of this game is to develop your imagination in order to easily solve puzzled depicted from real-life situations so it is mainly a simulator for whatever catastrophes you might encounter in your mortal life like how to open a can or to split a piñata.

Scribblenauts is a lot more fun when it is free 

All in all, it is not only a fun game to play but also a very constructive one. Although you don’t get to choose from different characters with different abilities and the 2-D graphics may not blow your mind, this game is entirely constructive for your brain and neurons. Apart from learning a few new words or working on your spelling, you will have the possibility of thinking about the right and easiest way to solve a puzzle. But don’t get too excited as some of the puzzles involved are quite tricky. But the best part is that there isn’t a wrong path you can choose. There is no right and wrong answer as long as you are creative and smart enough to solve the puzzle. Sure, some may lead you to the obvious reasons and summoning the easiest objects but others, ranked with 4-star difficulty will really put your logic and brains to the test. So grab the chance of downloading the game play by clicking below button.

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